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Water Management Plans (WMPs) & Analytics
Includes access for 1 year for up to 7 individual users, for one property/site. Additional users can be purchased but 7 is enough for most sites. WMP set-up services, consulting services, sensors, other hardware, and installation are not included. We recommend having a LAMPS WMP Partner set up your WMP. Volume discounts are available for 5 to 1000 sites.
LAMPS Water Management Plan (WMP)

LAMPS training bundle (otherwise available only to health departments).
Sampling data analytics and reports for Legionella, 27 other pathogens, total microbial counts, and several water quality test results entered into LAMPS data forms.
WMP content and tools: configuration, hosting, viewing, editing, PDF generation, documentation tools, auditing, and reports.


You can purchase one or multiple courses and then assign them to yourself or others.

Volume discounts on courses (excluding the ASSE 12080 Exam): 5% off for 10 to 19 uses of any particular course. 10% for 20 to 39. 25% for 40 to 99. 40% for 100 to 199. 50% for 200+.

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LAMPS Training Bundle for Health Departments
Specifically for health departments and other government agencies that do not have access to LAMPS Training Notes via a WMP, VDA, or Partner account. Includes access for 1 year for up to 7 users to LAMPS Training Notes and videos and e-Learning course discounts: Courses 321, 322, 323, 327, 501, and 502 at no charge, courses 101-105, 301, and 401-404 at 25% off, and the ASSE 12080 Legionella Course Bundle for $640. Additional users can be purchased as necessary for $77 to $127 each depending on the quantity.
ASSE 12080 + BWS Certification Training Bundle
Building Water Systems (BWS) Certification Training Bundle
101: Important Facts about Legionellosis and Legionella
102: Keys to Effective and Defensible Legionella Water Management Programs
103: How to Survey a Building for a Legionella Water Management Plan
104: Criteria for Building Water System Hazard Analysis & Control Measures
105: Auditing Water Management Programs: 7 Key Metrics To Quickly Measure Quality, Performance, and Risk
301: Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems
321: Building Water Systems 101
322: Preventing Legionnaires' Disease in New Buildings: Key Measures During Design and Construction
323: Responding to Incidents and Managing Temporary Shutdowns to Minimize Legionella Risk Associated with Plumbing Systems
327: Stagnation in Plumbing Systems: Smart Solutions to Five Common Problems
401: Sampling's Proper Place in a Legionella Control Program
402: Designing a Sampling Program to Evaluate Legionella Control
403: How to Collect Samples and Record Data for Legionella Testing
404: Interpreting Legionella Water Test Results and Responding Appropriately
501: Legionella, Temperature, and Disinfectant Analytics for Smarter Management of Plumbing Systems
502: Remediation Roadmap for Legionella: Comprehensive Step-by-Step Response Plan

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* Members with a LAMPS Training, VDA, WMP, or Partner account get courses 321, 322, 323, 327, 501, and 502 free and the ASSE 12080 bundle and individual courses 101-105, 301, and 401-404 at 25% off.

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